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Top Male TV Characters 1 - 50

I thought it would be fun to make a top male tv character list.  I like listing things so it fun for me even if it isn't for you.  Hopefully you'll find a character or show you didn't know about before!  It will run from 50 to 1.  These are all characters I find to be particularly interesting for some reason. Some are good.  Some are bad. Some are in the middle.  Most characters made the list because of excellent acting or writing. Some I just like! Lets get this show on the road . . .

50 - Hawke - Space Above and Beyond This was one of my favorite shows when it was first out largely because of this interesting character.  If you like sci-fi you should give it a try. It was out on DVD a while back . . .

49 - Tony - Whos the Boss Classic comedic character.  What an awesome housekeeper!

48-47 - Tom and Doug - 21 Jump Street I love this show.  Its a bit silly, but it works in this kind of cop show.  Tom and Doug make the show.

46 - Danziger - Earth 2 This is another one of those shows where not many people seem to know about it.  I'm not sure why, it was really fun.  Another must for sci-fi fans.  Plus, I love Clancy Brown in everything.

45 - Yamada Taro - Yamada Taro Monogatari I have talked about how this is one of my favorite Japanese dramas in earlier blogs.  This is largely because of this lovable character.  I really suggest it as a starting point for getting into Jdramas. I'm not just saying that as it was my first.

44 - Shawn - Psych A very funny show about a psychic detective.  The writing is phenomenal the number of references is unparalleled.  Shawn is adorable and some how not annoying. 

43 - Guerrero - Human Target So funny dude . . . and scary . . . awesome!

42 - Munch - Homicide Homicide is one of my favorite cop shows and Munch is a fantastic character . . . which is why he has lived on in other shows . . .

41 - Jack Carter - Eureka  Another great sci-fi show. Though this one is also a great comedy.  The sheriff walks the fine line between annoyingly good and hilarious.  This character could easily have been annoying or come off as stupid, but instead he always seems just a bit head of all the geniuses - geni?.

40 - Eddie - Keen Eddie This show put Mark Valley on my radar.  It is another great silly cop show.  But, with Brits!  It was short lived but worth getting the DVDs.

39-Rush - Stargate Universe This is a surprising good show (I didn't watch the other incarnations).  But, Rush is fantastically ambiguous as a character.  Plus, I adore Robert Carlyle.

38 - Hiro - Heroes I got tired of heroes and didn't watch the last season.  But, I did love Hiro.  Yatta!

37 - Reid - Criminal Minds A great show, though not the same without Mandy Patinkin.  Reid is my favorite.  Yes I like characters with poor social skills.

36-35 - Danny and Mickey - Hustle Hustle is Danny and Mickey.  They make the hole Ocean's 11 thing work.  I love both of them, even if they don't get on so well.  Its also a really great show.  You should watch it.

(Middle and far right)

34 - Sam - Burn Notice I love Bruce Campbell (who doesn't?), but he really excels as Sam on Burn Notice.  A great action show with a lot of heart, which is hard to do with so much stuff exploding.

33 - Woody - Crossing Jordon Okay I've loved Jerry O'Connell since Stand By Me, but it is for a good reason.  I watch Crossing Jordon past the point I otherwise would have (since I never liked Jordon) for Woody. (also he's from Wisconsin, so he is perfect)

32 - Sikes - Alien Nation A great TV show based on a great movie.  Sikes is just a classic cop . . . who has to deal with aliens . . .

31 -Steve - Sex in the City I love Steve and his ability to put up with Miranda . . . this may be because I can be a bit to smart and organized for my own good as well.

30-Sakaki Makio - My Boss, My Hero Another great Jdrama.  Sakaki may be stupid, but he's got a heart of gold.

29-Frank - Hill Street Blues  One of the best cop shows ever and Frank is a great tv Captain.  Funny and tough.

28 - Heathcliff Huxtable - Cosby Show I love Bill Cosby.  He is still the perfect Dad to me.  When I watch the reruns I still laugh and occasionally learn a life lesson.  If you were too young to see this the first time, you really should watch it.  Classic.

27 - Peter -Fringe Despite being mad at Peter this season.  I still love the character.  I never liked Joshua Jackson previously but he is great in Fringe.  Which is a great show filled with creepy stuff and humor.  My two favorite things.

26 -Captian Piccard - STNG I don't think anything needs to be said about this.  The best captain ever.  And a childhood crush (yes I know he is old enough to be my grandfather).  Plus, he likes archaeology!

25-Castle - Castle This show is cheeky and so is Castle.  Whats not to like?  And I've been stalking Nathan Fillion since Firefly. As a bonus he is from Edmonton! 

24- Chiaki Shinichi - Nodame Cantabile He frustrates me as much as I love him.  A great character though in a fun slap stick comedy.  Watch the whole Jdrama and the movies. You will love him too.

23 - Christopher Titus - Titus A painfully honest comedy.  Fantastic. Sad. Hilarious. Dark. If you or someone you know has been abused you need to watch this show.

22 - Wash - Firefly A fantastic show that was ended too soon.  Wash may seem like comic relief, but he is more than that.  Plus, he plays with dinosaurs.

21 - Rube - Dead Like Me You must watch this show . . . if you have a sense of humor . . . and it is a little dark. (Grim Reaper humor isn't for everyone) Rube is fantastic.  I love watching Mandy Patinkin!

20 - Provenza - The Closer Another funny cop.  I might have a theme going.  Watch the Closer it is amazing.

19-The Ninth Doctor - Doctor Who My Favorite doctor. Hands down.  I miss you.

18- Delahoy - The Unusuals A quirky cop show and one of the quirkiest cops.  Who would think.  Its a short lived show so it should be easy to watch them all.  And you should.  And then you should feel bad you didn't watch it before and it got canceled.

17-The Piemaker - Pushing Daisies Another show canceled too soon.  Beautifully to look at and adorable to watch.  Perfect.  Lee Pace makes it.

16 -Toby - The West Wing Fast talking and brilliant.  What's not to like? Toby is my favorite in a show with many amazing characters in one of my all time favorite shows.

15-Choi Han Kyul - Coffee Prince My first Korean Drama and my favorite.  One of my favorite shows of all time.  Really.  Funny and touching.  Plus, isn't he cute?

14 -Jayne - Firefly So, he's a mercenary.  I think in the end he would have went the right way.  He just was never called on to do the right thing before.  It is hard to start such things. Plus, he has a snazzy hat, care of his mom.

13 -Charlie - Its always sunny in philidelphia Horrible and hilarious.  Not for the faint of heart.  If you can stomach the horrible things they do, you will love the Patty's gang.  Charlie is the sweetest (but also pretty creepy) of the misfits and my favorite.

12 -Ray - Life on Mars Another show canceled too soon.  The best character on the show was Ray.  Micheal Imperioli is unbelievable in everything he does.  Plus, he has perfect 70s hair.

11 -Charlie - Life I loved this show.  I know I know.  Quirky cops and more quirky cops.  Charlie is fantastic though.  A cop who was in prison for life, but got out . . . and went back to work.  Now he solves crimes with a shiv in his boot. Broken and delightfully funny.

10 -Hurley - Lost  The sweetest character on LOST.  Good to the end.  Who would have thought.

9 -Kurt - Glee Kurt is fabulous.  The best (funniest) part of Glee.  He just makes me smile.  Even when he isn't doing anything.

8 -Spock - Star Trek He didn't make the list just because I've meet him.  He is also fantastic as Spock, the most interesting Star Trek character.

7 -Pembleton - Homicide A must see cop show largely because of how Andre delivers Frank's lines.  Genius. 

6 -Animal (Mick Belker) - Hill Street Blues I love Animal.  Crazy, but sensitive.  An archetype.  The bases of future rough and tumble cops.  Definitely my favorite character!

5 -Sylar - Heroes  I stopped watching this show before the end, but I never got tired of Sylar.  A fantastic bad guy.

4 - House - House I love this show.  It has been consistently one of my favorites.  And that this mostly, lets say 95%, because of Hugh's portrayal of House.  I love the new direction this season too (Long live Huddy).

3 -Ben - Lost At first he just creeped me out.  Then I loved and feared him.  Then I though maybe he could be redeemed.  The range of things I've thought and felt about Ben show what a great character he is.  Plus, Lost is one of my all time favs.

2 -Walter - Fringe I may have to consider broken and hysterical as a theme for this list.  Its why I love Walter. He makes Fringe.  You should watch it for his one liners alone.

1 -Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

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