Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My comprehensive exams are coming up and I'm going a bit crazy.  This may be shocking, but its hard to study for a test where they can ask you anything. Also, whenever you do something that is not expressly related to study for the super super important test you feel bad.  Its annoying.

To cope I've been doing somethings that I technically need to do to survive like cook.  Tonight was butter chicken and a few night ago was thai eggplant. I would highly recommend Thai eggplant.  I'm still looking for a perfect butter chicken recipe that isn't ridiculous.
Weird but good . . . and a bit creepy

I've also started the Jdrama Akihabara@deep.  I decided to watch it as I love Ikuta Toma from Hanazakari no kimitachi (I still think he should have got the girl in the end).  So far @deep is strange, but interesting.  I'll give it a review when I'm done.
He is usually more adorable than this . . .
I'm also started a book Across the Face of the World.  Its and epic fantasy by Russell Kirkpatrick.  So, far I'm interested.  I'm not always good at sticking with an epic though . . .

Back to work :(

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