Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make Your Own Japanese Fake Sushi!

I recently purchased a kit for making Fake Sushi candy from Jbox.
I have no idea what any of this says but its cute!

It is a neat little set that comes with everything you'll need to make up the candy but the water. Now I don't read Japanese but I managed to make these just find following the pictures and filling the little trays to the fill line.
This could really says anything "this product is made of puppies" I have no idea

I just went along with the order etc on the box.  First, you mix up some rice.  Its does look like a good representation of sticky rice if it was a candy.  Then you fill these little molded trays with candy so its properly shaped.
Note the fake fish eggs must be a master work of chemistry
The tray in the bottom right has my favorite thing to make in it. Fake fish eggs!  You suck the liquid in the tray right above it up into an eyedropper then drip it out into a clear liquid in the lower tray.  And it stays as a little round ball!  Super fun!  The whole thing was very fun to play with. I'm sure kids would love it, like I did.

In the end I ended up with this!
I'm not up to the standards of the box . . .
So they were fun to make and you get this cool set of candy sushi, but what do they taste like you say?  I'll tell you.

Component flavors/rating:

     White rice stuff - not too sweet, tastes a bit like sticky rice, very very soft, overall good.
     Fake raw meat - gentel sweetness, tastes a bit like grape, but not too strongly.  Bit firmer than the
                                rice,  overall good.
     Fake tamago - very similar to the fake raw meat, but a tad more sour (not quite a sweet tart, but in
                             that vein), overall good (I might like it a bit better than the fake meat).
     Fake fish eggs - they pop! Sweet and a bit tangy, overall excellent.
     Fake nori - not sweet and first than a sweet aftertaste and I think it taste like grape again.
                              Very grainy texture that is slightly unpleasant. Overall okay.
     Sprinkle topping - tastes like a mix of sweet tarts and those cheap candy necklace things.   
                                   Taste a bit of bubblegum and fizz like a pop rock.  Overall good (but weird and
                                   the more you eat of them the less I like the flavor).

Taste Combination of different Fake Sushi:

Tiny Maki Roll - rice, meat, nori. Tastes like grape.  Nori seems less gritty when combined with the  soft rice stuff.  Aftertaste/feel is a bit gritty.  Overall, the noir is way better in combination and this is a good candy favor.

Maki with Fish Eggs - rice, fish eggs nori. Tastes like grape. Soft a bit chewy with a pop.  Aftertaste/feel isn't as gritty this time, I think the liquid from the fish eggs helped.  Overall, this was an excellent candy.

Nigiri with Meat - rice, meat. Very soft.  No idea of an actual flavor. Tastes kind of sweet with overwhelming rice favor.  Overall, this was only an okay candy as there wasn't enough contrast in taste or texture.

Nigiri with Tamago - rice, egg. Very soft.  Once again I'm not sure of an actual flavor here. Tastes kind of sweet and tangy at first then overwhelming rice favor.  Overall, this was an okay candy, bit better than the meat nigiri as it was a bit tangy.

Weird nigiri like ones - I suspect these are just the suggestion of what to do with the left over bits, but they are shown on the package and come with the candy sprinkles to make them.  Rice, egg, meat, candy sprinkles.  Very soft with slight sprinkle crunch and fizz.  Sweet and sour taste then ends with the rice flavor.  Overall, I don't think I like this combo, but I don't hate it.

Weird combo - so I had a bit of stuff left over so I made one with rice, egg, and fish eggs. Tangy and sweet with out a real defined flavor.  Soft with pops.  Overall, I found my combo to be okay.

Overall, this was a really fun set.  If you have the chance to pick one up and try it out I recommend it!

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