Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lunch Queen and Gokusen

I recently finished two very good dramas Lunch Queen and Gokusen.  Both were very enjoyable in their own way.
The cast and delicious omurice!
Lunch Queen is about a young women who loves lunch and gets bribed into pretending to be the run away eldest son of a family (who happens to own a yummy lunch shop's).  Unsurprisingly all the sons soon fall in love with the now absent eldest sons soon to be bride.  It was very cute and funny, all the characters were interesting, but once again the ending does leave a bit to be desired in the resolution department.  However, I still really enjoyed it and would suggest it though it will make you hungry.
Our fearless teacher.

Gokusen is about a yakuza princess who wants to be a teacher.  While keeping her background a secret she must try to help class 3D the worst in the school.  The story is fun, though very similar to GTO (which I would also recommend).  Its funny and the characters are strong.  The ending is stronger than most, so all around its a good choice to watch.  If you read the manga the story and characters do appear to be a bit different in the drama.

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