Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Tabi Boots!

For my post comps present I got new Tabi Boots from Japan, which are awesome.  I ordered though ebay canada from a site call Japonista-sole.  The whole package was awesome!
Partially opened awesome box!
So, in this picture you can prominently see my awesome new boots and the box they came in.  While I purchased the boots I got some extras for free.  First, note the umaibo used with news paper for packing material.
Reviews of flavors will be forthcoming!
The delightful treats were used in lieu of packing peanuts along with a Japanese news paper.  Not the white roll in the back which are actually awesome posters I also didn't pay for! Awesome!
tabi socks with heart
Here you see the lovely tabi socks I also got for free.  It was nice of them to include them in case my toes get cold.
Boots on!
 Here you can get an idea of how awesome my boots look on.
Awesome from this angle too!
So, I picked an awesome comp present.  Pats self on back.

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