Monday, August 23, 2010

Pickled mustard Ramen . . .

I recently bought and tried some Pickled mustard flavored Ramen . . . I have a really hard time resisting strange foods to try, but I like pickles and I like mustard so I thought why not.
Close up in case you didn't believe about the flavor.
So, I bought a multi-pack of 4 for about $5 with tax (all Ramen is more expensive in Canada for some reason).
Look at all that yummy Ramen!

I opened it up to discover that I had the 4 squares of noodles, an "oil pack" (which didn't seem very oily) and a sauce pack.
I had to cut the oil and sauce apart.
I boiled up the noodles and poured out most of the water (I don't like mine two soupy) and added the packets and gave them a good stir.
All Mixed together . . . yes that's a fork I was feeling lazy.

Guess what?  Its amazing, probably my new favorite Ramen flavor.  It doesn't taste like pickles or mustard really . . . well it has a slight Chinese mustard flavor too it, but not too strong. And may be a slight pickled (vinegar) taste.  If you see some in your local Asian grocery I would buy it!
Yum!  I love pickled mustard flavored Ramen!

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