Monday, November 1, 2010

Canned Pancakes

 Canned pancakes found at Walmart after viewing on Jorge's Blog. I really recommend a visit.
 So, it comes in a can with instructions.  You just shake it up and spray it in the pan . . .
 Like whipped cream . . .
 It starts all star shaped
 But flattens out (not the cake pops)
 This is my favorite cake pop (Fred)
 The tip does leak a bit . . . (note the cake pop looking on in horror . . . )
 Finally, eat pancakes with maple syrup . . .
They aren't the worst thing in the world . . . but they aren't really good.  They are super easy, however.  And the can makes a bunch.  All things considered I prefer shaker cupcakes . . . (See my other blog for that)

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