Thursday, November 11, 2010


Tonight I watched Star Trek IV with friends.  My friend recently bought the whole series and we were going to have a marathon, but as PhD students with limited free time it turned into a lame extended marathon.  I mean the movies are still good, but it does not have the same zip as watching it like a true marathon.  When I was growing up my family used to have true STAR TREK marathons and it was awesome! My favorite was always Wrath of Khan . . . I love Ricardo Montalban.

I also always really like the The Undiscovered Country.

Historically Star Trek IV was always my least favorite, but I find as I get older I like it more.  I still think it doesn't quite fit with the others and that its a bit lacking in action, but it has some other interesting attributes.

For instance the story is very well written with lots of good character stuff.  However, the overly direct we need to save the whales message is really cheesy. But, Spock wearing a Karate Headband to cover his pointy ears is awesome.
Definitely watch the series (Original and STNG) and the movies if you haven't already.  If you feel they are dated, well they are.  But, they are also a perfect example of classic sci-fi.  If you think STAR TREK is too safe and sterile defiantly go with the original series, which cares much less for the prime directive and is a bit more cowboy.  This is extra true of the Star Trek reboot.

I really recommend the Star Trek reboot.  Its pretty awesome.  They really caught the feel of the original while making it more modern and action packed.  The story is really good and the casting was fantastic!  Zachary Quinto is of course fantastic as Spock.

Karl Urban did an absolutely awesome job as the doctor and probably is the most true to the original character (though he is way better looking).

Chris Pine was also good as Kirk.  He's kind of a different version then Shatner, but it works.  He also has great chemistry with his new Bones and Spock, which is key.

At first I though Anton Yelchin was a bad casting choices for Chekov after just seeing him in the previews. But, he was actually great.  The accent was spot on and he was pretty adorable.

Its great going back and watching the original movies as I'm catching all these little links and throwbacks to minuet bits of dialogue and character background from the original movies they put in the reboot. Great for a geek like me.  The reboot is also really good for novices looking for a way in as its really accessible.

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  1. as a kid I loved star trek...remember staying up late to watch it ...Saw the movie STAR TREK too...and totally agree with you :)

    nice blog
    take care

  2. Thanks! I think a lot of kids have stayed up late watching Star Trek over the years! :)