Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Picture Ever!

Today the blog is simply about the best picture ever.  I say this definitively.  I took it while perusing The Bay (otherwise known as the Hudson's Bay Company . . . yes that Hudson's Bay Company . . . I'm buying myself one of the blankets when I graduate with my PhD to celebrate . . . yes they still sell the blankets . . . no they don't have small pox anymore).  Back to the coolest picture ever.  So, while wandering around we came to the coat section.  One of the coats was unzipped and this was inside:
Yes that is a US and a Canadian Hockey player chocking each other . .

Awesome!  I"m not sure why the Canadian is fighting the American . . . but its pretty funny.  This is a patch on the inside back of the coat.  Yes, it is a ladies coat.  Note that it says made in Canada . . . like the maple leaf with moose antlers and the presence of Hockey plays didn't already make that clear . . .


  1. They seems pretty aggressive, going to the throat, yikes! I like to see that such pearls of non-political-correctness can still be found :P

  2. I think he is trying to punch him in the jaw ineffectually as I generally see at hockey games. You know they are fighting on the ice since the glove is on the ground between them.