Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cooking Korean: Mandu (dumplings)!

Tonight I made some dumplings.  I used a recipe I found at Maangchi.com.  I just can't resist dumplings so I new I had to make these.  First, you should watch the video, so that you can see that you'll just fine making these!

I followed the recipe as exactly as I could.  I could not find round skins at the two grocery stores I went too . . . having already bought everything else I used square skins.  this means my mandu are not quite as cute, but they still turned out good.  I should note that it took me about 40 minutes to make all the mandu (I wasn't trying to go quickly, but it will take a bit if your doing it by yourself).

All the parts ready to go!
Filling all mixed up!
Ready to be stuck together . . . square isn't that bad . . .
Sealing it up . . . starting in the middle works best!
Bottom tray filled . . . clearly I experimented with shape a bit (all shapes stayed sealed equally well)
These ones are for cooking.
All fried up!
Mandu with Ninjas!
This recipe makes a bunch!  I have a nice big batch in my freezer.  Plus, I got to eat a bunch for dinner and have some cooked up for lunch tomorrow.

Isn't my lunch cute!  Particularly pig soy bottles!
 Its going to be a great bento lunch.  I'm super excited.

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