Friday, April 8, 2011

KDrama: Hello My Teacher

Today I'm going to review Hello My Teacher.  It is a Korean Drama with Gong Yoo (from Coffee Prince, see my very early review of that here.  I love him.  You will too he is gorgeous and a great actor . . . I think.  He might just be ridiculously romantic slightly brooding and a deligeted little boy at heart.  I kind of hope that is true and he isn't acting).  This is the story of Na Bo Ri a girl who is terrible at school who really wants to be a teacher . . . and marry her old art teacher.  She isn't well trained though and ends up as a semi-baby sitter for his nephew Park Tae In (Gong Yoo).  The whole show is about their relationships . . . and weather she can be a teacher.  There is a lot more to it then that, but I will let you see for yourself.  Before watching I had seen a lot of mixed reviews, but I powered on due to my love of Gong Yoo. (My love is not creepy, he is totally older than me.  No worries).
This picture pretty much captures it . . . Na Bo Ri looks to happy though . . . MORE CRYING!
The characters and story are really well done.  Na Bo Ri acted the most out of character at times (for me).  She just got a wishy-washy in the middle, which brings me to the main point.  I both love and hate this drama.  On one hand I needed to see it to the end . . . on the other hand I couldn't choose . . . which love is better?  Which one is true?  Should our dear Biscuit just cut them both off for being frustrating and stupid? Maybe . . . Should she just grow up and make decisions on her own?  Should she just slap the h#ll out of someone (this is probably the option I would choose and still regret not seeing).  These are not thoughts I usually concern myself with.  Despite my obsession with dramas I'm not often drawn to the super drama filled dramas nor do I really feel that invested in them.
Aren't they cute!
 I got invested in this one, so I guess that is good . . . particularly if you someone who wants to be very invested in the shows you watch.  Part of the problem for me is the show is just so darn long (16 episodes) and I'm so very busy. So, I kept being drawn away by other things and then I would be like:  If I start again I'm going to be all conflicted and drawn in and I really do have other things to be doing right now . . . oddly this dilemma seems more common with kdramas (this is not a scientifically proven correlation).
Tae In likes basketball . . .
 In the end I watched the whole series at a fairly normal pace and then I stopped at the final two episodes.  I stopped for like 3 week before I finally asked myself why.  The answer.  I didn't want it to end.  I almost didn't want to know what happened.  What if the makers got it wrong? But, I did watch the end, which was really good.  Kdramas actually have endings that make sense to me unlike most jdramas so that is a plus.  They did a great job with it.  I shouldn't have been scared.  The ending fit without any of the characters doing anything too out of character.  There was also an extremely not courtship period before marriage and the idea that late marriage is much better.  I've seen this is kdramas and kmovies before.  I guess it is a cultural ideal of some kind.  The anthropologist in me may have to research this.
School boys . . .
Overall, I really liked this drama.  It could be one of my favorites, even though I still feel a bit tortured by it. If your up for it, give it a try.  Make sure you have some time on your hands!

Note: there is way more touching and even kissing in kdramas! \(*_*)/
Note Note: this is more than jdramas, not more than us tv really . . .


  1. I like the this drama very much.
    I cried in several parts and laugh so hard in the other. So heart warming. I love both of the pairing. This is for the first time I get confused to choose the man in the drama (until the half of drama). At the first, I thought Tae in feeling's is childish, through all the things I see him get mature and indeed it's love.
    it's funny because I sad when I finish the drama. ^^~

  2. I have just finished episode 11. I'm not sure I am rooting for Tae In right now or for Na Bo Ri for that matter. Tae In had said white lies just to have his way and make Na Bo Ri's heart waver. As for Na Bo Ri, why can't she trust Hyun Woo? Sorry, but I really do feel sorry for Hyun Woo right now. I'm wishing that this drama will end the way I want it to end but since this is a Korean drama, I will not get what I want. Well, I'm still hoping that I'm wrong. I still have 5 more episodes to go and I'm just hoping that even though I do not get the ending that I like, at least, the writer of this drama will give me more reasons why Tae Jin and Na Bo Ri should end up together.

  3. at this moment i strt to fall inlove wth tae in, i hope i can find someone like him who do evrythng to make me happy and always besides me through ups and down..i love you tae in :)... i knw ths is jst a movie, but who knws it might be hapen to smone out der ... this is a great lovestory,... i salute the writer fr ths such beautful stry... frm the phil.

  4. i thnk tae in evryday,, whaaaaa.. even wen i get to slep and wen i woke up in the morning.. i can't go to work bcos im not yetdone thnkng of hm....nabori of phil.