Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday.  At my age Birthdays aren't really the super exciting fun they were when you were young.  At the same time at 29 I don't feel old, nor am I having an attack over the nearness of 30.  I'm doing pretty good with my time on Earth.  No real regrets . . . I'm not the type of person prone to regrets anyway, but it is still a good sign I think.  I had my birthday celebration last weekend.  Dinner and a movie.
Paint by number stripper . . . for real . . .

We at at Louisiana Purchase here in Edmonton.  It was great and supposedly cajun.  I have learned that Canadians don't really know what Cajun food is . . .  but still it was nice.  We went to see X-men: First Class.
Before the split
I actually really really enjoyed it.  I like geeky stuff like X-men, but it was very well done.  Good balance of plot and action.  Nice use of the period (60s).  James McAvoy was actually really good as Charles.  I had worried that he would look to young for the part.  Michael Fassbender was fantastic as Erik.  The story of Charles and Erik is really very sad and dramatic and McAvoy and Fassbender did just fantastic with it.  So, overall I would say if you like action movies you should see it.  Or if you like comics.  Or if you like very pretty men.  I suppose if you like pretty women too . . . I'm not as good of a judge of that.  Also, Kevin Bacon was absolutely creepy and awesome in this. 
See pretty . . .
Today for my actual birthday I went for a nice walk in the beautiful weather and had a cupcake and gelato from some nice specialty bake shops near campus.
S'more cupcake and pistachio gelato!

Super delicious.  A very nice day.  I may use my Wee Book Inn gift certificate tonight and maybe get Taco Bell for dinner.  I know horrible, but there is no Mexican here. :( Plus, I never eat Fast Food, so it is always a little fun.


  1. Happy Birthday to you, dear. May many more happy returns & wishing you the very best. Hope you're having a fabulous time.
    Blessings, Kristy