Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almond Poppy Seed Cake!

My housemate's mom is visiting so I thought I'd make a bit of dessert.  I also had loads of poppy seeds from a pea patty experiment so I went with almond poppy seed cake.  I don't really care for lemon.  The almond works really well with the poppy seeds though.  The recipe I took it from called it bars, but its cake.  It also has a glaze that I think turned out more like frosting due to the large amount of powdered sugar.  It taste good with the frosting like topping though.  I got the recipe from Alrecipes.dom, which is a convenient site for easy recipes.

Here you see the cake and the frosting.

here you have both the cake and the icing

And here is a slice of delicious, but heavy cake.

its much richer than it looks

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