Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun with Origami

In another effort to decorate the house and use up crafting supplies that were building up I made some Origami art.  I am no origami expert, but I think on a whole it turned out well.  First, I made a hole bunch of cranes . . . the only thing I kind of knew how to make already.

I then strung them on a thick thread with some nice beads. And then I hung them from the ceiling.

My roommates seem to enjoy them so it was a successful project.  Due to the fact that these were displayed in the house.  I found that I got more origami papers for Christmas and needed to determine something to do with them.  I hate wasted craft supplies.  I didn't want to do the same thing.  So I searched the internet for something interesting looking that wasn't too difficult to actually do.  As I said I'm no origami expert.  I found these things called Sonobe units that make interesting shapes from origami units.  I then picked a patterns that would allow me to make two chains with the amount of paper I had avaliable to me.  I made two Stellated Octahedrons and four Diamonds.  I then strung them together with some beads and presto!  More cheap artsy decorations!

They are actually the same size, I just take bad photos!  So, even with my basic origami skills I was able to make some cool cheap decorations that everyone seems to enjoy.

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