Sunday, August 1, 2010


I just finished Akihabara@deep which was quite good. The story is about a group of misfits brought together by a mysterious internet personality named Yui.  The group then become troubleshooters for Akihabara.  The show is much more adult than most jdramas and I would say its definitely not for children.
The cast

The show is very funny but also slightly creepy.  The character of Daruma is particularly creepy.  Kitamura Kazuki is also very good as the really strange/crazy/creepy Nakagomi Takeshi.  I think the slightly creepy nature of many of the characters and the dark nature of many of the stories really makes this show.  I really enjoyed it. The zombie episode was not one of my favorites, however.
Daruma creepy old guy who leers at girls
The adorable Ikuta Toma as Box-kun

In the show they eat a lot of Umaibo, which I've gotten to try.  These are corn "sticks" that are the consistency of Cheetos and about the size of a candy bar with a hole running down the center.  I sampled the seaweed flavor (I love nori flavored things) and found the Umaibo to indeed be delicious sticks. The characters also eat a lot of canned odon in the show, which is apparently very popular among otaku.
Tons of Umaibo!

If you want to watch I suggest ::Jdrama::

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  1. Oh no. I'm Daruma! Creepy old guy who's slightly agoraphobic.
    You like some good things so maybe I'll find something new here. Thanks!