Monday, August 2, 2010

Heritage Festival

I went to the heritage festival in Edmonton this weekend.  It was really fun.  There were booths from all over and lots of music and dancing (folk dancing from the different countries). It was huge.  We were there 4 hours walking around and didn't really exhaust or options.

I had delicious Takoyaki otherwise known as octopus balls.  They were pretty good.  Not quite what I was expecting as they do not taste fishy at all.
I also had a bit of camel from the Somalie place (the flavor was great, I wish I knew what spices were used, but it was a bit tough . . . tastes a bit like goat). I had a orange mango shake.  A Bangladeshi samosa. I had some sort of bad pineapple drink from Guatemala. Really good bannock (an aboriginal Canadian specialty).

I also had some Kvas - a Russian drink that is fermented (though non-alcoholic) something.  The initial taste is fairly unpleasant, but the aftertaste is actually kind of nice.

After the fair we went to the T&T (my favorite Asian grocery story ever).  While there I got a steamed mochi cake (in rainbow colors!).
I know its blurry but you get the idea!

I don't know Mary, but she makes good mochi!  It has a real gentle sweet flavor with a hint of coconut. It is very very soft and rich. Not for eating in one sitting though its only about 4in around and 1/2 inch thick.  I may have to buy another then I get back to the T&T!

In keeping with talking about food.  I also made myself a pretty delicious lunch.
I have a cut up plum (I don't like to bit fruit with pits). Black bean salad and cucumber salad.
Both of those are easy to make.

For the Black bean salad I used 1 can of black beans, 2 small tomatos chopped, one avocado chopped, and the juice of one lime.  I then salted to taste and added a bit of Mexican hot sauce for spice.

Cucumber salad is just as easy.  Take 1/2 and english cucumber.  Cut in half the long way and remove seeds.  Peel a bit of the peel off to make a nice pattern and slice thinly.  Make dressing by combining 1/8 cup rice wine vinegar (white vinegar will work if that's what you have or another form of wine vinegar), 1/2 tsp sugar, and 1/8 tsp salt (or to taste). Stir together until dissolved.  Add cucumber and 1tbs toasted sesame seeds.

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