Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Strange Asian Stuff

I took another trip to the T&T and got some more strange and delightful treats.  One of these treats was Mango flavored Jelly Jolly (on clearance for $.79).
Note - its fat and cholesterol free, high in fiber, contains no gelatin, is a good source of calcium, and is loved by kids and adults!
I've noticed many drinks in the T&T with the weird spout thing and thought it would be fun to try, plus I like mangos and like things on clearance.  Well at first I got just the juice, which was sickly sweet to the point of being slightly unpleasant.  But, I gave it a little shake and got the jellies going and then the drink became delicious.  The slightly chewy jellies (which I imagine is made with the seaweed extract found in the product) were a nice balance to the drink.  The spout was as fun as I thought it would be!  If I find this for .79 again I may get another.

I also got a packet of Senbei (japanese rice crackers) for $1.50.  I didn't count but there is a whole bunch in the bag or nori flavored Senbei.
Made by the Honda-Seika Company
Distributed by Uncle T Foods
Each senbei is individually wrapped and contain one cracker worth 20 calories.  The crackers are super crunchy and delicious.  A great snack to slip in your bag when your going out. 
1 cracker is about 2 in - 2.5 in
They really have a nice rich flavor that I would recommend.  Much better than a rice cake in both flavor and texture.

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