Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, there is this great site that lets you map name popularity by state and over time.  Its called NameMapper and its awesome.  You can also sort by economic status, region, republican or democrat, and population density.

This site has shown me that the name Nicole peaked in the 1980s being the #8 ranked girls name in the country (I had a feeling about this growing up).  I also learned that Roger peaked in the 1940s at #24 (meaning it was never very popular).  Dorothy peaked in 1920 at #2!  After which the name slowly declined into obscurity. The name Jesus peaked in Arizona in 2003 at #67. Jade popped on the scene in the 1970s and peaked in 2003 at #100 on the list.  For a better understanding of the rise and fall of your name, because you really want to know when it peaked in popularity and how fast people got sick of it, check the NameVoyager!

I suggest finding your name and checking if its really as uninspired as you always thought, even though your parents were trying to be unique.

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