Monday, September 20, 2010

Nakashima of Japan

I went home for my cousin's wedding this weekend.  It was a really nice wedding.  My parents also brought me out for a celebrator (for my comps) dinner at Nakashima of Japan in Green Bay.  Its a nice Japanese style steak house.  I always enjoy going to places like that its like dinner prepared by a busker.  Who wouldn't like that?  The meal was good, but there was two highlights - the bathroom and the decor.

So, in the bathroom they had fancy techy japanese heated toilets!
Don't touch the buttons!
So, the buttons on the right there control the heat but also have a bidet features etc.  I warned my mother not to touch the buttons on the side . . . needless to say there was a scream and then a sigh of "Oh." 

Another highlight was that the whole place was decorated with ninjas! They were popping out of everywhere!  it was great!

This guy is perched above the door to the woman's restroom . . . not creepy at all.

* the photos are bad as I took them with my phone, forgive me.

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