Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homemade Star Wars Birthday Card and Gift Certificate

A friend of mine, Ahsik-bot, had her 30th birthday this Saturday.  She has lived in lovely Edmonton for a whopping 3 months.  We have become very good friends, however.  A few of my other friends and I decided that it was time for some wall art to make its way into her life.  We looked in Edmonton and found nothing of quite right.  So, we decided to get a gift certificate (if you don't no Etsy you should its a mecca for all things arts and crafts).  I soon discovered you can't have a site wide gift certificate, boo. So, I thought a gift certificate (its more of a wire transfer really).  I believe in having something awesome to open on your birthday and so began the awesome crafting day that resulted in the Star Wars Birthday Card with Big Bang Theory quotes and a Rebel Alliance gift certificate.  All of this was made by hand by me, as well as a envelop and an awesome list of art I think Ahsik-bot would like for her abode.

First, I made a two sided rebel alliance gift certificate.
80 credits issued by the Rebel Alliance

How to use the gift certificate

Next, I made the card!

Inspirational words from Sheldon

Signing off

I folded the Etsy list into an awesome origami heart and made a envelope!
origami heart

Ahsik-bot was very happy with her present!
Look at all that happiness!

In the end it was a successful art project. If your curious of Etsy selections.  I recommend the following sellers: Raceytay, Honeytree, and Mamapainter

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  1. Like the card idea..good to see something a little different..thanks for sharing it.