Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tangsuyuk - Korean Sweet, Sour, and Crispy Beef

I like to make big meals on Sunday, so this week I made Tangsuyuk!  I found the recipe at as I love her recipes. I followed it very closely.  No changes really except I couldn't get the wood ear mushrooms with my last minute shopping, so I used oyster instead.  You start by making the batter by mixing corn starch and water and then letting it sit until the water is clear and sitting on top.  Then you mix in an egg and put in the meat strips.  You can't really stir the starch until you add the egg and then it gets runny fast.
Starch and Water all together . . .

Water poured off and egg added (I used a whole egg rather than just the white)

Cut and seasoned beef . . .

Hand mixed!

You the heat up a wok and fry it to a nice golden brown!  I had a bit of a problem getting the batter on evenly.  So, it was battered on one side and kind of plain on the other.  I think it turned out alright though.
Frying side 1 - you can see the batters a bit uneven

Frying side 2 - looks good already!

Hanging out in the colander.
Then I made the sauce.  I chopped up all the ingredients and then started sauteing the onions.

All the veggies and fruit cut up!

Pan really full of sauce (mine is not clear as I used brown sugar)
The process went pretty well, though my pan did get pretty full!  I think I might use a bit less water next time as I had more saucy sauce then I really wanted. It sure tastes good though.  Next, I did the serving process.  I re-fried the beef and then put the sauce on top.  Next, time I may try doing the beef and sauce more in tandem to get hotter food for serving.
Nice twice fried beef!

Beef and sauce . . .

Beef and Sauce and Ninjas!

Beef defenders . . .
In the end it turned out great though!  The flavor is great and I have a ton of food!  I'll be having great lunches all week!  I would suggest making this as it seems kind of difficult but is really quite easy.  For help watch the video!


  1. haha, you love your ninja toys! so cute!
    I'm very happy to heat that your tangsugyuk turns out great! Congratulations!

  2. it was delicious and everything is better with ninjas . . . maybe I'll look into another type of toy . . .