Friday, January 21, 2011

Bento Lunch!

I made my first attempt at a cute lunch . . . it isn't that cute yet as I only had like 10 minutes and was not really prepared.  Yet its passably cute and delicious.
Happy Robot Bento!

I have brown rice with Furikake, curried lentils, stir fried veg and two mini hamburgers.  The lentil recipe can be found over at Furikake makes everything better.  You can buy it at most Asian grocery stores in many many varieties.  Its pretty up seaweed and sesame seeds and sometimes a flavoring.  If you don't want MSG you'll have to be careful with Furikake brands.  The flavors are nice, but I still prefer original flavor.  I winged the hamburger recipe from over there as well.  Its beef, fried onions, panko, 1 egg, and some feta.  They are delicious.  The stirfried vegetables are based on my Mom's recipe.  Brussel sprouts (if you think you don't like Brussel sprouts you've been cooking them wrong) and baby carrots . . . and onion.  You need enough oil to really give them a nice toasted outside when you cook them in the pan.  Fry the onions first then add both the sprouts and the carrots (cut to about the same size).  Season as you like.  Here I have a bit of curry powder, garlic powder, salt, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.  Any seasoning will do though.  I topped it off with cheesy robot faces.  It tasted great and I think it is pretty cute! It was definitely cuter than the other lunches.

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