Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bentos: Kawaii Fun for Lunch

I have been making Bentos for a number of years now.  If you don't know Bentos are neat Japanese style lunches.  They range from extremely complicated works of art to delicious simple creations.  In the past I have posted a few bentos here.  All have been of the simple variety.  Just good food in a cute box.
My adorable Clickity Click Monkey Bento . . .
I also have an angry onigiri case.  I also have a nice yellow sandwich case!
I have a bit of a reputation amongst my friends for making everything cute or creep or both.  Previously, my bentos have not really benefited from my creative talent other than the fact that I make delicious meals to go in them.  It seems that my friends what this to change.  For a late Christmas Exchange I recieved - Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches by Crystal Watanabe and Maki Ogawa.
I have not yet made anything from the book, but I did skim it.  It looks like a lot of fun.  The ideas are great, plus the recipes look edible and quick.  My next grocery trip I'll need try getting some ingredients to try out the recipes.  I'm having to eat on campus more and more as I have an increasing amount of work to do in the lab, so I was already thinking I could use another (larger/adult) bento case.  My gift inspired me to finally take the plunge!  I ended up purchasing my bento from Bento & Co.  I felt they had the best selection (so I wouldn't need to go to more than one site) and reasonable prices.  They ship all over the place!
This is my cool new box!
I got the green set!
Condiment cups!
Soy sauce/dressing bottles!

I think I got a nice assortment that should allow me to get started.  I already have a bunch of cutters (though I want a couple nori punches).  I find making bentos to be fun and entertaining.  The point isn't for it to take for ever just so that your lunch looks as good as it tastes.  I would recommend it for all you creative types and for those that want to take lunches, but feel uninspired!

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