Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Challenge Update (Crivens!): I Shall Wear Midnight

I've finished my first book for my 2011 challenges.  I started with I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett, which I was super excited for.  I love the discworld books, particularly those involving Tiffany Aching.  This book is for Series Challenge Season 5.  So, on with the review!

Now this is one of my favorite series so I went into the book fairly certain I was going to like it.  I was a bit surprised (in a good way) by how dark the book was.  It dealt with difficult issues like spousal and child abuse, but even with these heavy issues the book kept the characteristic discworld humor.  While this book really stands out with a different tone and a more grown up Tiffany the whole thing still really worked.  The reason Pratchett is so popular is that while funny the point of the story is never just to get to the next joke.  The plot and characters are fantastic.  In fact, Pratchett has written some of my favorite characters in all of literature.  And I love the main theme of his book that even though you aren't adequate for a task and life is scary you can still be the hero if you just stick with it.  I guess what I'm saying is that Mr. Pratchett did not disappoint me and in fact I think the series is getting better.  I would highly recommend reading the adventures of Tiffany Aching a good witch if there ever was one.  I can't imagine anyone who was reading the series needing convincing to continue.  The Nac Mac Feegles should be enough to keep anyone interested! But, if you did need one the evolution of Tiffany's character is worth it.  If you've not read the series yet, start.  But, start with Wee Free Men (Crivens! Who would start at the end?)

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