Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Female TV Characters 1-50

I decided to do a top female tv characters list as well to make a matched set.  Once again there is a variety of characters listed here some nicer than others.  I probably forgot someone I love but we will see!

50 - Rhoda - Mary Tyler Moore Show I always thought Rhoda was the good part of Mary Tyler Moore. 

49 - Fran - The Nanny I love the annoying laugh, I don't care what you say.

48 - Judy - 21 Jump Street  Spunky and pretty tough.  It is hard to hold your own with how awesome the cast was.

47 - Ziva - NCIS  Tough and funny.  I like that.

46 - Abby - ER One of the more self possessed people on ER I feel.

45 - Cristina - Grays Anatomy I don't really watch this show.  Unless I'm flipping through and I see Sandra Oh.  Hen I have to watch until they move to characters I don't care about at all. 

44 - Chuck - Pushing Daisies One of my favorite dead girls (that's right not my favorite).  I like her quirkiness and I wish I had her clothes.

43 - Penny - Big Bang Theory It difficult being interesting when your playing the "normal" one, but I think Penny stays interesting.

42 - Vansen - Space Above and Beyond I like here back story on the show and her determination to be the best.

41 - Laura Roslin - Battle Star Galattica I just think this character is so well written.  Interesting and in charge.

40 - Penelope - Criminal Minds Again I like how quirky she is.  She brings humor to what could otherwise being a very boring (and creepy show).

39 - Donna - That 70s Show I like that the girl next door could be the one you want.  I also like that she is funny and has beautiful hair.

38 - Kate - Lost I came to terms with Kate over the course of Lost.  I still don't really like her but I appreciate the complexity of the character.

37 - Kathy - Alien Nation  I always thought she was kind of cool. 

36 - M.E. - Any Day Now A tough Mom who didn't lose her spunk. Plus, I like red heads.

35 - Beverly Crusher - STNG  A great doctor and single Mom. Plus, like I said I like red heads.

34 - Olive - Pushing Daisies  Hilarious.  Just so funny and cool.

33 - Sun - Lost I like how complicated Sun is and how long it took for her whole story to come out.

32 - Clair - Cosby Show A great Mom and a lawyer. Plus, she looks adorable with Cliff.

31 - Amy - Big Bang Theory Hilariously weird.  The character is just so much fun.  I feel she may move out the list as I get to see her more on the show.

30 - Georgia - Dead Like Me Another of my favorite dead girls.  She does her best as a Reeper while learning what it means to be a grown up.

29 - Number Six - Battle Star Galactica Strong and interesting. One of the best parts of Galactica in my opinion.

28 - Lucy - Hill Street Blues A early police woman. Lucy was compliant and complicated.

27 - Katheryn Janeway - Star Trek Voyager First, I lover her voice.  And she's a pretty good captain.

26 - Cameron - Terminator Being a emotionless(?) machine can be interesting.  Good at fighting.  And funny because she doesn't quite get humans.

25 - Daria - Daria I know she is a cartoon.  But I love her.  Cool and collected and hilarious.

24 - Roxy - Dead Like Me I love her attitude, which is why she is my favorite dead girl.  Watch the show and you'll get it.

23 - Becket - Castle Funny and interesting in her own right. It took me a bit to get on board with this character but now I love her.

22 - Murphy Brown - Murphy Brown I've always loved Murphy.  Funny, strong, and smart.  Clearly a big theme here.

21 - Kaylee - Firefly Kaylee is smart.  She just doesn't always seem it.  Jewel did a great job making the character really stand out.  It is hard not to invest in her.

20 - Dareline Conners - Roseanne  My favorite snarky teen.  I'm a similar age so that really spoke to me.

19 - Kay - Homicide A tough cop.  But, still a women, which is nice to see.  The character was really brought to life by great acting. And she has great hair.

18 - Rose Tyler- Doctor Who My favorite Doctor's companion.  I really missed her spunkiness once she was gone.

17 - Madeline Westen - Burn Notice I love Burn Notice.  Its a really well done show and Madeline is just perfect.  Sharon Glass is amazing and it is worth it just for her.

16 - Mary Shannon - In Plain Sight A character that tries very hard, but is always just a bit messed up.  Mary is kind of harsh, but intriguing.

15 - Cuddy - House A tough lady who runs a hospital, but more importantly is semi able to control House.  Which is quite a feet.

14 - Zoe - Firefly A tough girl who went for the a sweet funny guy.  I feel like the depiction of Wash and Zoe's marriage is one of the best done and healthiest on tv.  So, I like her as part of a neat pair.  But she's also pretty awesome on her own. Calm and collected.

13 - Delores - Dead like Me  A hilariously weird character.  Her hearts in the right place though.  I don't think I'd want to work for her.

12 - Juliet - Lost As with many of the Lost characters my opinion of Juliet changed with time.  At first I really didn't like her, but she soon became one of my favorite characters on the show.  Understated and strong, but she still had a big presence.  She also made so much sense with Sawyer.

11 - CJ - West Wing Funny and interesting.  Whats not to like?  She was the face of the West Wing White House and she did a great job.  Alison Jenny is just amazing to watch.

10 - Nobuko - Nobuta wo Produce A slightly crazy girl who tries hard, but just isn't normal.  However, she manages to bring out the best in those around her with her devotion to doing the right thing.

9 - River - Firefly Truly crazy.  But, in an interesting and touching way.  Just a really fun character to watch.  Plus, she has some of the best lines ever.  "I could kill you with my brain."

8 - Komiko - Gokusen A tough girl trying to straighten herself out and be the best teacher she can be.  She is intense and passionate.  I like that in a character.

7 - Roseanne - Roseanne A hilarious tough talking Mom who really does want the best for her kids.  She doesn't always do the right thing, but she tries hard.  Plus, she is always fun to watch and I still laugh at the reruns.

6 - Olivia Dunham - Fringe I took me awhile to get Olivia, but once I did I was on board.  She is a great FBI agent.  Its also nice to see a tough woman who isn't a b!tch.

5 - Grace - Saving Grace  A really damaged character, but so interesting.  Holly Hunter is just captivating as Grace.  I don't always like her, but I love watching her.

4 - Nodame - Nodame Cantabile A sweet whimsical girl. I think it is the whimsy I like best.  And she is sweet without being annoying. 

3 - Brittany - Glee So, she isn't the brightest, but she is so funny.  One of the best parts of Glee.  So funny.

2 - Sue Sylvester - Glee  Horrible, mean, and oddly sweet sometimes.  I love Sue. She says whatever she wants and doesn't care.  It is rare to see a character so comfortable with themselves even if maybe society was better if they weren't.

1 - Brenda Lee Johnson - Closer  Tough and adorable.  A dangerous combo.  Plus, she has an undying love of junk food!


  1. I'd put Cuddy at #1, she's amazing and completely real. Of your list, and of the ones I know, the only one I'd take out is Juliet: i just couldn't stand her soft voice. You had the feeling you never quite knew what side she was on.

  2. I think being a ambivalent is and complicated is what makes her a great character. Its not suppose to be a list of good characters, but of the top characters to watch.

  3. love river tam. one for the next list, claudia donovan in warehouse 13?