Monday, January 24, 2011

Cooking Korean: Yubuchobap!

I made some Yubuchobap because I love Inari and this recipe looked to be pretty similar.  I could not find the Yubuchobap kit that Maangchi discriped over at where I got the recipe, so I improvised a little bit. First, I put my rice on in the rice cooker and I cut up my veg (carrots and cucumber).  I gave them a quick little fry after drain some of the water off.  While that was happening I cut up some garlic pickles (the recipe calls for pickled radish, which I don't love . . . so I mad a substitution). 
Veg ready to go

All mixed together and ready to stuff!

Once the rice was done I let it sit until it was warm not scorching and added a bit of sushi vinegar (remember I didn't have a Yubuchobap kit with the vinegar packet).  Then I mixed all the ingredients together.  I also didn't have the dry topping so I substituted furikake (little bits of seaweed and sesame seeds).  I had triangular tofu pouches which I felt were a bit difficult to stuff . . . it was hard to get stuff down into the tip.  Next time I'll search a bit more and see if I can get the more u-shaped pouches.
Dangerous Yubuchobap ring!

Each ninja protects his own yubuchobap!

Overall, I think it turned out great.  It also tasted great.   I got fresh made umeboshi at T&T while I was there so I made some with Umeboshi added as well.  For fun I decided to make some Haupia (hawaiian Coconut Pudding) as well.  I had a big lunch, so I made myself a small plate for dinner and  packed a bento lunch.
Lite yummy dinner!

Delicious bento lunch!

I hope yubuchobap tastes as good the next day as inari does!

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