Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Challenge Update: The Physics of Star Trek

I finally got around to starting my One, Two Theme Challenge.  This is a fun tiered challenge.  My Themes are Physics, Japanese Pop Culture, Mah-jongg, Bioarchaeology, Late Medieval/Medieval Britain. (How it works: you pick at least 3 themes.  For the 1st you read one book, for the 2nd two books, and the third, 3 books.  From number two onwards you need at least one fiction and one non-fiction book.)

I have started (yay!) and finished (YAY!) my first level -  Physics.  What did I read for this exciting challenge?  The Physics of Star Trek by Lawerence M. Krauss.  Now I started reading this book a long long time ago . . . but I got super busy with PhD stuff and had to miss Dr. Krauss lecture at the U of A because I was out of town . . . and so I just never got back to it after the first two chapters.  Which is why it made it to my One, Two Theme Challenge.  To get me to finish reading it (I love Star Trek, so it seemed important).

On to the actual review.  So, I both really liked this book and really couldn't be bothered.  The author seemed a bit haphazard in his assessment of Star Trek plots and ideas.  I almost think a focused look of the science of Star Trek ? (pick any episode or movie, or may be even series) would have greatly improved the book.  Really there is very very little Star Trek in this . . . . or Star Trek context.  Its just mainly physic . . . which is cool.  It just all seemed so random and random means some sections I found fascinating and others I was like I think you missed the point. 

One very good point of the book is that the physics is talked about in an understandable way.  You do not need to be a physicist to understand the book.  It was also nice that the book both showed ways the writers got it right or were at least in the ballpark as well as how they got it wrong.  It made for a nice balance.  For a non-fiction book it is very well written and has good flow.  It is a must for Star Trek fans . . .  at least I think it is! This is the end . . .
maybe . . .


  1. I'm a Star Trek fan (what's you favorite Captain? I'm a J-L Picard girl myself), sorry t hear there could be more of it in the book.

  2. I have always been a JL Picard girl as well. I had a huge crush on Patric Stewart as a girl, which worried my parents a bit. :) Kirk has grown on my recently as I have finally been able to embrace his cavalier attitude and lack of discipline . . . Chris Pine may have helped with this . . .

  3. Oh and there is Star Trek in the book . . . I just wanted more specifics ie descriptions, but I'm an anthropologist not a physicist.