Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book Challenge Update: Women In Dark Age and Early Medieval Europe c500 - 1200

I have completed another book for my One, Two, Theme challenge.  This one is for my 5th category Late Medieval/Medieval Britain.  Now the reason this is a topic is because medieval Britain is the time period for my dissertation work and I feel it is important to know more about the time period.  I like history books, so it seemed like a good deal all around.  So, if you don't like non-fiction this book and review are probably not for you.

Women In Dark Age and Early Medieval Europe c500 - 1200 by Helen M Jewell.

First, I feel it is important to point out that is a good bit of scholarly work.  Very worthwhile if you study Medieval Europe.  It has a fair focus on Britain making it useful to me. It is also unique for its focus on women.  This is becoming more common in the medieval studies literature, but is by no means hugely available.  Part of this is due to the difficulty in obtaining primary sources on the subject.

But how is it to read?

Quite enjoyable actually.  The book is well written and the prose is not unduly bogged down with heavy phrases to make it sound more impressively historical in nature.  It also is not over referenced.  The author simple presents how things were during the period, but also makes an argument for change through time.  All of these make for a very readable and helpful book.

If you are interested in medieval history and/or the history of women this is a good choice.

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