Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cooking Korean: Bibimbap! (mixed rice)

I finally had time to make a full dinner this Sunday.  It was pretty exciting.  I went Korean again.  A friend of mine had mentioned how she loves getting Bibimbap at Korean restaurants and I remembered seeing a recipe at . . . so I decided to make it.  Bibimbap is mixed rice . . . but that doesn't really do it justice.  I is just a great mix of veg and meat and rice.

I love Maangchi's videos.  For once I did everything like she did.  I used brown rice though.  I even found the fern brakes (which taste good!).  I got the fresh kind, so I didn't have to rehydrate them.  I will mention that it takes awhile to make all the parts.  They are all really delicious though, totally worth it.
Arranged on the plate!

With my poorly fried egg . . .

Mixed and ready to eat!

I would definitely make this again.  Its pretty healthy overall and delicious!


  1. My husband and I wanted to try this at a Korean place about a week ago, but he really wanted to try chijimi (Korean pancake with leeks - I don't know what it is supposed to be called, but that's the Japanese word) and they weren't serving it until later in the day so we passed on the entire meal.

    I think you can't get this with a cooked egg though so we'll have to "brave" a raw one when we eventually get to having it!

  2. the egg was suppose to be sunny side up (given the instructions) unfortunately I'm a poor short order cook and can't make eggs to any kind of specification . . .

  3. It the bibimbap is served hot and/or in a hot stone bowl (aka dolsot bibimbap) then don't worry about the raw egg. Just start stirring once it's served to you and the egg will be cooked by the hot rice and veggies. I highly prefer the stone bowl version to the cold version because the rice on the bottom gets crispy and a little burned and it's so yummy! There's a word Korean for that kind of burned rice, but I can't remember it right now.

  4. I'm not afraid of the raw eggs. I eat my cake batter and my favorite Italian dish is Carbonara, The recipe I followed specified a sunny side up egg not a raw egg and I just can't ever get the egg out of the pan at the right second for that!