Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Metro Theater: The Princess Bride

The Metro Theater is a neat theater in downtown Edmonton that plays old movies and independents.  It is pretty reasonable $8 for students.  Snacks are available.  The theater is inside the Citadel Theater on Churchill square.  Its like a small lecture hall . . . but a nice one with pretty comfortable seats.  It provides an enjoyable movie going atmosphere.

My friends and I went to see The Princess Bride on the big screen (okay is a fairly small screen) for the first time.  We all love the movie and new what we were getting into.  As the movie started it was clear the whole audience was pretty familiar.  The film they got was a bit beat up from it years of use and few frames were missing and some were scratched, but it was still good seeing the movie in a theater.

true love .  . .
For those of you who don't know The Princess Bride is a funny tale about true love . . . and torture and rodents of unusual size.  The special effects are bad and the lines are cheesy, but in a good way. Its the story a grandfather (Columbo) is telling his sick grandson (Kevin Arnold).  If you embrace the cheese and poor sets etc it is both hilarious and touching.  To my mind Mandy Patinkin is the best part as Inigo the Spaniard trying to avenge his father.  Also, his final sword fight with the 6 fingered man is one of the bests on film.
Hello my name is Inigo . . .

Overall, its just a fun and silly movie.  I would recommend it.  If you didn't watch it as a preteen you probably wont love it as much as me. But, you should still enjoy it.

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