Saturday, February 12, 2011

Densha otoko - the long story

Densha Otoko translates to Train Man and is supposedly based on a true story.  I first encountered the Train Man as a movie.

Everything Trian Man has the following story:

A young socially awkward otoko (big geek) sees a beautiful young woman being harassed by a drunk on the train.  The young man fights his instincts and interferes.  Going beyond his wildest dreams the woman exchanges contact info with him.  Their unusual love story follows.

Movie Review: The story is great.  Very sweet.  The supporting cast of internet helpers is really interesting as well.  Saori doesn't have a lot of personality for me, but she grew on me.  Overall, it a fun and adorable movie.  I would really really recommend it.

After the movie I read the book.

Book Review: The book came first, it is fun.  It is written to mimic the format of an online forum.  That odd format mostly works.  It makes for a super fast read, but it was compelling.  I must say I enjoyed reading the book, but the story works better in a totally visual media like the movie.

Drama Review:  The story is the same as the movie, but obviously told in a much longer format.  To be honest it didn't totally work for me in this format.  Train Man seemed more whinny and slightly annoying in the long format, while he never got on my nerves in the movie.  I liked the Drama version of Saori better though. I almost didn't get through the drama . . . the middle is just to much.  But, the beginning and the end are great.

Overall, I would recommend something Densha Otoko in your life!

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