Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars . . .

I'm not the type of person who has Oscar parties or anything.  I don't dress for the Oscars or anything . . . but I love watching.  Usually nothing happens.  There are key moments that make it worth it.  Cuba Gooding Juniors back flip.  Adriane Brody kissing Hale Berry.  Roberto Benigni's . . . everything.

So, I watched this year like always after being confronted by the ads full of James Franco and Anne Hathaway.  Personally, I was voting for Franco jumping on someone for a wardrobe malfunction . . .

I felt the opening was okay.  Not the best ever, but not bad.  Anne's dress from the beginning of the show is gorgeous!  I'm not usually one for jeweled stuff, but it works.  In fact, most of the dresses were pretty good.  This year.  Melissa Leo's was another favorite.

Personally, I liked that it appeared people were doing a poor job of reading their prompters.  The scripted stuff tends to be so boring . . . 

Best Parts:

1. Melissa Leo acceptance speech - the whole of it was amazing, including the intro by Curt Douglas
2. Anne Hathaway's solo song - corny but I like it.
3. Chirstian Bale acceptance speech - first he swore again (Bloody Hell) and then when he almost cried a the end . . .
4. Live Action Short Film Guy(Luke Matheny) - he had crazy hair and made his mom make sandwiches!
5. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law - they are just so very cute together.  scripted yes.  Funny yes.  They should host the Oscars! No seriously . . . they would be great.
6. Randy Newman - he doesn't want to slow down the show . . . and he has a poor %.  So, funny!  And he does a good theme song.
7. Anne Hathaway flub - drink at home . . .
8. Sandra Bullock presenting - she's just natural and funny - how much is enough Jeff? How much?  She would be a good host too . . . or her and Robert Downey Jr.
9. Collin Firth acceptance speech - I have a feeling my career has peeked . . . and for saying he wanted to dance (I wish he did Dance).

Worst Parts:

1. The Stage - they seem to think we need to look at it a lot . . . while it have video on it . . . is this special?
2. Matching suites for Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem  - they match . . . why?
3.  Cate Blanchett's Dress - is it an apron with pilgrim shoulder pads?
4. The speeches - okay so most of the speeches are super boring.
5. Old Oscar - whats this the old oscar moments?  For instance the Gone With the Wind moment.
6. Jennifer Hudson - what's with the lisp?  And the dress.
7. Annette Bening's dress - is she in Tron?

Overall, it was a really good show.  Better than many in the past.  None of the wins angered me this year either so that's good.  A good show.


  1. I had fun watching it, especially because i was with Twitter on and some people's comments were hilarious! Also loved Colin Firth's speech, felt genuine. And when the best Director told the story about his mom finding his next movie, I got a bit teary there...

  2. The live twitter was kind of fun.