Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Man Worth Fighting With Is Hard To Find

I never thought I was a romantic growing up.  I didn't and don't like soap operas and teen girl shows like 90210.  As I got old and started to find movies and shows for myself I determined I just didn't like a traditional modern love stories.  Too silly.  Too Not me.  I loved the classics thought like The Shop Around the Corner and Bringing Up Baby.  These were stories were people really fit together.  There was witty banter . . . they spoke to each other.  Okay sometimes no speaking can be good too (ie Amelie).  I like people with spine and I like it when interesting people want to be with other interesting people.  I'm not a bully if I push, I want someone to push back.  I think fighting comes out of passion and passion comes with love . . . maybe that makes me an odd duck.  Who knows.  So, what I'm saying is, a man worth fighting with is hard to find. 
And I hate you so . . .

Recently, I came across a Chinese romantic comedy recommended by a blogger I enjoy.  Its called And I Hate You So.  It was delightful.  Its a quite kind of movie.  It just kind of slides along and comes together.  I found it to be sweet.  It has a interesting take on love and where love is.  I would recommend it for a quite night relaxing.  Somehow, knowing that even in China some women are looking for a man worth fighting with is comforting.


  1. I'll definitely take up this recommendations. Just yesterday I was talking to someone about how real romance in books and movies is much better if it goes beyond the "I love you, baby, blabla" My favorite romantic movie of all time is The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"