Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cooking Korean . . . Redue: Hoddeok . . . kinda

Awhile back I made some very very delicious Hoddeok following Maangchi's recipe. See the video for the full recipe. See my old post for my adventure.  It was super delicious and yummy, but as I was making and eating it I thought . . . what else can I put in this.  This is my new adventure with alternative fillings.

To me the best part of Hoddeok is the nice chewy sweet dough the filling is wrapped in.  So, I thought it would be good to see what else you could put in the middle of it.  For quite some time now I've had a large bag of lotus seed paste that I've been meaning to use.  It is a very delicious Chinese dessert filling.  Very rich, but not too sweet.  Much like a red or while been filling you get in some Japanese desserts.  Having picked my filling it was time to get started.
Bought at the T&T of course!

It is super thick so easy to use as a filling!
I made the dough exactly as instructed in the video.  Don't be put off by it.  It is much easier to work with then it appears.  Just make sure you have flour for your hands etc, when working with it.  You end up with 8 largish hoddeok.  The filling it really rich, so one is probably enough for a portion.  Or two is you have some tea and a break.
Nice bubble dough after all done rising twice

dough balls ready to be filled

Filling them is super easy

One done!

Filled and ready to cook!

Frying side one . . .

Flipped and smashed!

First one done . . . it goes to the ninja . . .

Big plate of Hoddeok!
The results were pretty good.  I was worried the filling might totally overwhelm the delicate taste of the dough, but it didn't.  Not as good as the original brown sugar filling, but a fun and interesting variation.  I can't wait to try other stuff in there!


  1. Wow, these look good and easy. I think I might like the brown sugar filling better myself, but nice job.

  2. definitely try it with the brown sugar, super easy and delicious.

  3. I haven't heard of hoddeok before, but they look very tasty indeed! I love lotus paste, too bad it wasn't as good as you expected?

  4. This is new to me; the dough looks delish, and I think I would be partial to the brown sugar filling :)

  5. No it was delicious. I've eaten them all. They are just not as good as the original to me. The filling was just a touch over powering.

  6. Those look so good and much easier than i imagined. I have not tried the Lotus seed paste.

  7. try making it, it is great and a real crowd pleaser.