Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Movie List(s): Part 3

This will be the last of my Big Movie List post.  Part 3 should satisfy all my movie listing needs.  At least probably.  It is possible I'll think of another one.  Or get a request or something.  We will all just have to see. 

Top 20 Classics:

20. The Birds - Scary, but in a good way.
Hitchcock, you know from the profile.
19. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - dark, but Jack is at his best.
So, cute.
18. Goodbye, Mr. Chips - a surprisingly touching story.
I'm not sure what the flowers are for.

17. Life With Father - great story and William Powell is just so fun.
Father is front and center.
16. Yours, Mine, and Ours - A great story about becoming a family.
Every child is fantastic. 
15. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - a great drama and a classic.
Sidney Poitier
14. Cheaper By the Dozen - big families are funny.
Aren't they all cute.
13. Patton - a war classic.
George Scott is great in this.
12. Bridge Over the River Kwai - another war classic with great performances
Academy awards make it good.
11. Adam's Rib - Hepburn and Tracey are always great together.  This one is particularly funny.
Fighting on the cover even.
10. Yankee Doodle Dandy - a fantastic movie with dancing.
Yes, James Cagney can dance.
9. Bringing up Baby - hilarious.
Great chemistry.
8. Lillies of the Field - Helping nuns is good for your soul.
The poster tells it all.
7. On the Town - Gene Kelly. That is all.
Frank Sinatra is so cute in this.
6. Singing in the Rain - Everything about this is right.
Donald O'Connor is the best.
5. Some Like It Hot - Cross dressing is great.
Jack Lemmon is the best.
4. Victor Victoria - I really like cross dressing apparently.
Girls pretending to be boys!
3. Auntie Mame - hilarious and surprisingly touching
Rosalind Russel is fantastic.
2. How to Marry A Millionaire - everything about this works.
Marilyn Monroe is fantastic.
1. To Sir With Love - a great teacher helps the inner city youth story.  Only the teacher is black and the kids are white.
Best teacher ever.

Top 20 Teen Movies:

20. Smoke Signals - kind of cheesy, but great.
I love Sherman Alexie, read his books too.
19. Harry Potter (the Later ones) - I know cliche, but I love Ron . . . And Sirius Black . . .
My favorite!
18. Tammy and the Bachelor - dorky and splendid.
There is a whole series, but I like this one best.
17. Can't Hardly Wait - Angsty and delightful
Look at that 90s goodness
16. Pump Up the Volume - teenage DJs are hot.
The picture shows up that he's like super deep . . .
15. 16 Candles - embarrassing, awkward, hilarious.
Its Molly Ringwald so of course there is some ugly pink clothing.
14. Can't Buy Me Love(original) - sweet with a stupid story.
Nice to see they pull that the they dress kind of funny so are horrible unpopular even though they are gorgeous craziness with boys too.
13. Lost Boys - where teen vampire movies peaked.
Kefier doesn't sparkle . . .
12. Better Off Dead -trying to kill yourself can be funny.
John Cusack . . . I just like you so much.
11. Pretty In Pink - Molly Ringwald is the best teen ever.

The ugly pink dress to end all ugly pink dresses lives in this movie.
10. 10 Things I Hate About You - Taming of the shrew at its best.
At least they don't pretend she isn't pretty.
9. Beach Blanket Bingo - classic teen drama
Yes it is as cheesy as this poster makes it look.
8. A Knights Tale - teen medieval angst.
Heath's face sells this by itself.
7. The Breakfast Club - everyone can get along, ever the jocks and the dweebies.  Jed Nelson, yum.
Cool kids scowl.
6. Heathers - awful, dark, and so funny.
look at those mean girls
5. The Karate Kid - this one teaches you life lessons too.
look at that intensity
4. Say Anything - Lloyd Dobbler.
look how fun this is
3. Empire Records - the best record store ever.  Damn the MAN save the Empire.
don't they look fun
2. Gidget - She just a girl who wants to surf.
Look at me I'm Sandra Dee.
1. Ferris Buller's Day Off - some days are just good.
if that outfit doesn't make the movie look fun I'm not sure what would

Top 20 Family:

20. Doctor Doolittle - I already mentioned how I want to talk to animals.
It looks even creeper in Japanese . . .
19. Little Monsters - odd concept but good.
Howie is so fun.
18. The Jungle Book (live action) - I love it. Though I don't have the I wan'na be like you song in it.
Look real animals.
17. Kindergarten Cop - What does your daddy do?
Look how small the kids look . . .
16. Honey I Shrunk the Kids - added science bonus.
this poster really sums up the movie
15. Sleeping Beauty - a great cartoon.
classic disney
14. ET - a bit scary for the little ones.
Aliens light up!
13. Mulan - a tough disney girl.

less classic Disney
12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - a ridiculously fabulous concept.  I've worn out copies.
I prefer the suits over the 3d animation
11. Big - for the more grown up family.
Tom Hanks face says it all apparently . . .
10. Hocus Pocus - Halloween fun.
Fun with witches! Lightening is magic right?
9. Shrek - once again not for the tiny ones, but so funny.
Ogres are fun
8. Goonies - Hey You Guys!
Goonies never say die!
7. American Tale - touching and great for the whole family.
Even the mice are starting over
6. The Witches - scary and weird and awesome.
Roald Dahl is the best, read the book.  Read all the books.
5. Iron Will - an inspiring one.
A boy and his dog . . .
4. How To Train Your Dragon - dragons are cute and vikings are fun.
A boy an his dragon
3. Ponyo - great visuals.
You can't tell but the best part of this movie is the sea.
2. The Sandlot - great story about growing up and baseball . . . which I don't really even like
It just feels like a classic
1. Brave Little Toaster
Appliances on the road . . .

 Top 10 Nobody Has Ever Heard of:

10. The Quest - actually a good story.
Van Damme's eyes say watch me.

9. Jumping Jack Flash - 80s classic
See, its fun . . . whoopi is jumping
8. Run Lola Run - innovative and captivating
Currently my hair is this color, really.
7. Snow White (with Sigorny Weaver in it) - creepy and different.
Fairy tales should be scary or at least creepy . . .
6. Equilibrium - an unusual sci-fi
It is not Matrixy like this poster looks.
5. The Big Hit - More hitman who don't like their jobs.
Guns are the real stars . . .
4. Plunckett and Macleane - It takes great liberties with history.
Robert Carlyle is the best!
3. Crossworlds - Rutger Hauer.
Its not all in red, don't worry!
2. The Adventure of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension - the best cult classic ever.
Where ever you go, there you are . . .
1. The Professional - Touching story of a hitman and a little girl.
I'm not sure why we need to see up his very large nose . . .

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