Monday, April 4, 2011


I have a great love for sausage (real sausage, stay out of the gutter).  It has not been overly documented on this blog, though I have talked about blood sausage.  Once of my favorite hardcore sausages.  It frightens people, but really its a good sausage that is some times spicy and always delightful.  This particular kind of sausage is often referred to as blood pudding (the Brits have weird ideas about pudding . . . be careful what you order).  Haggis is like blood pudding even scarier cousin.  Not to me personally, but to many many people.  Why is this?  Many people don't know whats in it but that scary Scot word sounds worse than blood. 
Doesn't that look great!
What is is is a sausage made of sheep's heart, liver and lungs, minced onion, oatmeal, suet, and spices.  Usually it is cased in sheep's stomach.  She not so scary right.  Heart and liver are both pretty good on their own.  I generally avoid the lungs ans I stay away from mostly gray tissues, but it is all ground up so its fine.  I did enjoy the haggis with my breakfast when I was in Scotland.  By why post about it today?  The Haggis adventure of course.
Its a pretty classy hut . . .
So, in honor of my friend making it back to Edmonton we are going to the The Bothy Wine and Whiskey Bar. I don't drink, but I do like Haggis! The haggis was great.  In fact, the food was all fantastic I would definitely recommend the place.  Absolutely fantastic.

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