Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jane Eyre!

Last night I saw the new Jane Eyre movie . . . and it was great.  I think it might be my movie version for the story.  It was actually a bit creepy, even though I knew what was going to happen.  It just completely captured the creepy Gothic style of the book.  That is a very good thing.

Mia Wasilowska was fabulous.  The very best part of the movie.  She did a great job of portraying pent up strength and power.  While she isn't plain, her looks are odd enough to believe that at the time she wouldn't be considered a great beauty.  She did a great job being a bit fey as well.
Michael Fassbender did a great job with the feel of Mr. Rochester, but he was a bit pretty for the part.  Not quite the gruff version I had in my head from the book.
Note:  Jane Eyre is my all time favorite book.  It is the only book I have read many many times.  I highly recommend it.  Its a classic, but it is really accessible.  It is also a bit creepy and dark, which is funny.  Jane Eyre is also my favorite heroine ever.  I just love her quite strength. I read mostly genre fiction now, Sci-fi and fantasy, but his is still and will always be my favorite book.


  1. Soooo looking forward to this one. I love it that there's always one JE adaptation per decade :)

  2. It is fantastic and worth getting to