Monday, April 18, 2011

Jdrama: Ohitorisama!

I recently finished another JDrama.  I picked Ohitorisama because it looked kind of sweet (and I am agnsted out for awhile) and was short (10 episodes).  Ohitorisama means one person (or you know perpetually single/old maid - for the record she is 33).

The plot is as follows our Ohitorisama broke up with her boyfriend 5 years ago as she wanted to keep her job as a teach and wasn't sure she could be a good wife at the same time.  Now she does everything alone and says she likes it.  Her school gets a male substitute who is 23 and useless.  Our heroine is his mentor . . . this is the story of how they "don't" like each other at all.

I really enjoyed this show.  It was sweet and I just enjoyed the silly stories.  It is not deep or emotional or much of anything really, but I still really liked it.  I guess I could relate to Ohitorisama and her love for doing things her own way.  If your in the mood for something silly and light, this is a great way to go.  Koike Teppei did a good job at being bumbling and fairly useless . . . I never really really liked his character expect for a couple of key moments, but he is okay overall.  Maya Miki plays the principle and I adore her.  All of her scenes were my favorite!
Love her!
 This probably isn't a good choice for a first drama, but if you've been at this awhile and would like to cleanse your palate this is a great choice.

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