Monday, May 16, 2011

Cooking Korean: Gyeran malyee (rolled omelet)

I have a great love for Tamago(japanese layered omelet) and can never quite make it right (despite trying many blogger's recipes of how to do it without a tomago pan - these efforts always involve rolling).  That is why I knew I had to make this rolled omelet when I saw it at Maangchi's site!  I finally made it tonight . . . after I dropped my box of eggs on the floor and had exactly 3 eggs to use (the recipe calls for 3 so it was fate).

If you've watched the video you'll see how easy the recipe is.  It was also very tasty. MOST importantly it turned out right for once!
Ninjas take their omelet very seriously . . .
Super easy recipe. Great for dinner or for bentos!


  1. ".after I dropped my box of egg.." haha, you are so smart that you knew what to make with the eggs!

  2. unfortunately I have ingredient mishaps enough to warrant keeping some ideas in mind if I have a disaster . . .