Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding

So, by a twist of fate I ended up in Britain for the Royal Wedding.  My research trip was planned well in advance of this announcement.  I'm not much of a Royal follower.  I just don't really care, but I was interested to know how the Brits were reacting to it.  The wedding was a bank holiday, so that meant I was traveling about on the day as I had a holiday schedule.  First, I had to get a taxi to the train station since the buses weren't running. My cabbie was young . . . well my age.  And behold what was playing on the radio . . . the royal wedding covered.  But, then I went out on my travels.
There were tons of signs like this one, which is on a bingo hall . . .

I got to hear and see bits and pieces at different shops and from different people . . . generally people seemed pleased.  They also seemed to think this one should work out better than the last.  Also, many people generally seemed angry and Camilla was allowed to go . . . but you know she is his step-mother.  Anyway. They didn't seem to obsessed in the small northern town I was in.  Just interested and gossipy.  I can't say what London was like.

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