Monday, May 2, 2011


Marmite is yeast abstract . . . in spread form.  The sellers sell it as something you either love or hate, which is an odd marketing strategy (if you visit the site you can go to the love or hate page . . . definitely visit both). Marmite is acknowledged as an odd British thing, though many British people dislike it.  I happen to like it quite a bit.

Before going to Thor this weekend I stopped at Starbucks for "dinner." Or you know a pre-made sandwich, which the Brits are so fond of.  I got the Marite and cheese.  Yes, that is correct.  marmite and cheese.  When I put it down the sales guy read it looked at me and said "Marmite and Cheese?" I said "Yup." He said "ok," and gave me a weird sideways look that said "you don't know what you ordered."
Yummy Marmite and Cheese Sandwich!
But, I did know and a toasted marmite sandwich is fantastic.  Nice melty cheese and salty marmite!

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