Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review: The Name of the Wind

I just finished a book "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss.  I had avoided this book as it had a lot of hype.  I don't like hype.  Hype usually hinds a whole lot of issues . . . like ridiculous angst or poor writing.  So, why did I read it?  That is a very good question.  You see I found a copy of "Sten" by Chris Bunch at a bookstore awhile back and gave it to a friend who I had suggested the book to (if you can find it buy it, its great - hard to find though).  As I wouldn't let him pay for the book, I got a book in return.  That book was "The Name of the Wind."  I put off reading it for awhile.  I had a bunch of books already and I'd been feeling a bit done with "traditional" fantasy.  I was never surprised anymore . . . the writing wasn't wowing me . . . I thought maybe I'd worn myself out of the genre.
This makes it look a bit too somber

I finally picked up "The Name of Wind."  It had me by the 7th page or so (That is fast for me, some times I reread beginnings of books after I get a bit in and start to care a bit).  The writing is to put it simply - lovely.  It really rolls around in your mind.  It has been a long time since I've taken such delight in how a traditional fantasy novel was actually written.  It is not dense or heavy or dark, though that is all in the book.  I am left with the humor of it.  Natural humor.  The humor of a good story teller telling you a terribly sad story so that you can't help but laugh.  My favorite kind of story and teller! There is no despair and gnashing of teeth.  There is practicality and the understanding that the world is essentially ridiculous.  I love it.  Add to that a interesting lead character and some very well developed and interesting side characters and we really have a story!  I was totally absorbed and wanted to know more immediately.  The writing is too good to skim to the action parts, so I had to be patient . . . it is a long book.  This is the first book in awhile that has made me want to take a long time with it.  Delightful!
red hair too! :)
The book is the story of Kvothe - Hero/genius/kingkiller/demon/beggar/inn keeper . . .  The book is told (in the form of a story by Kvothe. This actually works really well).  Chronicler tracks hims down in his retirement to separate the lies for the truth of the story of Kvothe the greatest hero or demon the land has ever known.  I'm not going to tell you too much about it as I want you to have the joy of finding it out for yourself, but I will say it is a colorful life.  I have a soft spot for boy geniuses who cause mischief, but I think that most people would enjoy Kvothe.
A reminder of the entire book is available on Rothfuss's blog - it is awesome (please read the book first . . . unless you need convincing as to how cool and funny this book is . . . then read part of the comic - read the book - get back to the comic!

That is my glowing review.  If you don't usual read fantasy I would say this is actually a pretty good place to start.  Funny and interesting.  What could be better? I must say I was surprised and how little happened in the rather long book . . . can't say that I was disappointed by the story or the plot.

Final Note - Authors who have Joss Whedon T-shirts are awesome (and know what funny is)
Rothfuss = awesome
If you don't know what a Jayne hat is . . . I'm sad for you :(

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  1. I almost forgot the best part - he is from Wisconsin! Proving that Wisconsin if the land of humor and awesome, as well as . . . snow and humidity (sometimes at the same time - it can be a cruel place, I miss it)