Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cooking Korean: Yangnyeom tongdak (seasoned fried chicken) and hobakjeon (Squash Pancakes)

I made a two recipes from for dinner tonight.  The seasoned fried chicken and the squash pancakes(zucchini) - you know to have a well rounded meal.  I had some chicken left over from a big grocery store sale, so I was in the market for a chicken recipe (I'm trying to clean out my freezer before going to Japan). I remembered seeing a interesting spicy friend chicken recipe at Maangchi's site on a day when I didn't have chicken.  Unlike today . . . when I do have chicken.  You can see the recipes at the links.  Or you can watch the videos here!

I made a half batch of the chicken.  It was easy to half the recipe(I used an entire egg).  I also used honey as I don't keep corn syrup.  As the meal was super super delicious I imagine it didn't effect the taste any.  The whole thing turned out really well. I made the squash pancakes during the final fry of the chicken and it worked out perfect.

zucchini ready to go

Chicken breaded and ready

Oil getting hot!

Fry number 1


Double fried!

Frying away in the pan

Coated in sauce!

See cooked all the way through!

Nice and brown

Super delicious dinner with ninja

I must say this might be the best chicken I have ever made.  Ever.  It is just fantastic.  In fact, it might be the best fried chicken I've ever eaten.  The crust was just so crispy and stayed on great!  I imagine it is the mochiko flour that makes it awesome . . . and all the potato starch.  It is just perfectly spicy and awesome.  The squash pancakes were also delicious.  Not quite as mind blowing, but a really nice veggi side for the meal.  The whole thing was really easy to make and pretty fast.  Took may be 40 minutes to get everything done.  I will note that I used chucks of chicken breast (fairly small ones) and I did not have to fry for nearly as long as Maangchi did (about 5 minutes each time).  Don't worry it was cooked through, no pink chicken!


  1. Question for you...when you fried the chicken, did you have an issue with it sticking? I'm wondering if my oil wasn't hot enough...

  2. I had no problem with sticking. I made a point to slide it all in at the sides so it didn't touch the other chicken until it was in the oil.

  3. Hrm. We're definitely going to have to try it again. And with a frying thermometer. Need it for fudge, anyway. ;)

  4. Wow good job looks like soooooo delicious