Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was in Durham most of the time. It is a cute little city in the north of england. It also has a nice university and a cathedral.

Morning walk in to work

really a very nice walk

Wooden owl . . .

The Why?

More of the walk in

View over the bring of the cathedral

Cemetery on the walk in

It is a nice cemetery

I like how unkempt it is

Ivy covered headstones!

The cathedral cemetery

not quite as quaint

The river from the river walk

Nice gentel river

Nice shopping street

Town square with ice cream truck

nice and busy

with a big statue

the cathedral and the quad

Good place to have lunch!

Close up of Durham cathedral

nice little cemetery in the shadow of the cathedral

The uni library

pretty window

Huge cross at the look out point

the view off the look out point

Cathedral on the cliff . . .

Nice tower

Quite busy

Castle from the bridge

and the cathedral from the bridge
I found a little door on the river walk

The river walk is quite nice

Cathedral from the river walk

Me and the cathedral

It was a really nice place.  I would recommend it. 

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