Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I spend a very nice weekend in York.  My research revolves around a 14th century population from the Fishergate area so I was super excited to visit.  Fishergate is still there!  Plus, I got to stay almost on top of where the cemetery was excavated!!  I'm a physical anthropologist this is the closest I get to experience what the individuals I study experience.

Blue Bridge Hotel!

On Blue Bridge lane

where there is a blue bridge

lovely river walk

they know it too

This is the river Foss

This is the rive Ouse


They are both nice rivers

York still has its walls!  Awesome!

Flooding . . . a real health problem?

Clifford's Tower

Use the stairs!


Look info!

That is how you get to the wall at fishergate

The wall is cool

And high

You can take a rest if you need to

Its quite a nice long walk to walk the entire wall

York minster!

Cathedrals are neat

It was windy that day

The other side

The museum garden is awesome!

Cool broken stuff . . .

water fountain

Cant get in

Broken cathedrals are even cooler

it was big

The Museum


Graveyard! It is a church after all

nice old fashioned headstones

cool rich person's stone

like I said the garden is fantastic!

Rail station and double Decker bus!
 If your in York.  I would recommend the shopping, which is great.  Also, the Jorvick Museum (Vikings!) was great.  I had a viking day and saw Thor after the museum . . . you probably wont be able to have that awesome of a day.  You can try though.

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