Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Korean Pork Buns

As mentioned, I really like to make things that are filled with other things.  I've been experimenting with Pork Buns and was never satisfied (until now) the bun part was either to dense or too plain, the filling to boring or too complicated (even for me).  Finally, I found this Korean Pork Bun recipe from Maangchi.  Not only is there a written recipe with pictures, but there is a great Youtube video (I suggest watching it, she is pretty cute).

I did the recipe as directed and got a couple fewer buns (once again I blame this on Edmonton weather and altitude).

I followed the recipe pretty exactly.  I did use whole wheat all purpose flour instead of white flour.

While the dough was rising I made the veggies and pork (I used a full package of pork so about 30% more than the recipe)
I did end up with extra filling, which was great as it tastes great on rice!

Dough nuggets!
Once the dough finished rising I cut it into nuggets.  I had to wait a bit longer than I expected (even with putting the bowl into another bowl of warm water), but it did double in size.
Sorry its out of focus!
I rolled the dough into circles.  I found the dough was really easy to work with not prone to tearing nor too sticky.
Generally I put in two tablespoons of filling.
I put in good heaping tablespoons and did not have issues with my seams popping or the dough getting too thin.
Pinching it shut!
I pinched it shut in the manor shown in the video.  It was easier than I thought it would be and really made a good seal.   Make sure to up the dough up and over then pinch it tight.
Look how nice it looks!
There is a learning curve on making beautiful even pinches. This bun is about half way through the pinching.
All ready to go!
Here you can see the buns all ready to be steamed!  I have a giant steamer so they all fit (this is just one tear of the buns).
All done!
Here is a plate filled with the finished buns.  The wrappers come off clean if you do it right away, but if you let then cool in the cupcake wrappers they will stick.
Here you can see that they did get a bit larger upon being steamed.  They were really delicious buns.  The dipping sauce is also just right and really add a lot to the flavor of the bun, which is otherwise minimally seasoned.  The only thing I would change is that I might use a bit less sesame oil next time as I don't love it.


  1. yay! Congratulations on your successful jjinppangmandu making!

  2. thanks! It really is a great recipe!