Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tree!

I came home for winter break early for my grandmother's funeral.  Because of this I was able to pick out a Christmas tree with my family and help decorate.  So, we have a silver lining of sorts.  We also had a blizzard the day I was suppose to fly in so I made it home for Christmas without staying overnight in an airport because I came home early.  It did snow the day I came however so I was still delayed around 6 hours for a 40 minute flight. Crazy right! Here is the tree with lights

Putting the ornaments on took all day.
Facing the door

Left side

Facing the living room

Right side

Close up!

It looks pretty good! I think. It was nice that the whole family got into the holiday spirit.
Ynnep-bot does not like hats . . .

The house is still being decorated.
Arrangement in progress . . .

Overall, it was pretty fun.  Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!


  1. It does look lovely. Do you also put lights outside the house?

  2. we light up a few of the decorations but we don't really do lights. Some years be put the old fashioned fat lights up. :)