Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you were wondering about the Blizzard. . .

We had a slight blizzard.  11 inches of snow in a few hours with really strong winds creating white outs (and banging christmas decorations in to the winds hard enough to make use fear for busted glass . . . but not enough to go out in the storm . . . and get on a ladder).  The outside holiday decorations still look good (mostly) despite the storm.
The pile between the back door and the drive

You can get a feel for depth on the porch

Ynnep has a path shoveled out

Dragon is still flying!

Snow removed from backyard to make a better latrine

More on the piles of snow

This is all from the one storm . . .

Happy snowman

Right side decorations

Left side decorations with collapsed tree from wind :(


Ignore the fact that he doesn't have a face or pants . . . or legs

Two headed dragon has his jingle bells on

Front of the house in its entirety

Close up of the toppled tree

Close up of the new tree

Buried tree
The sculpture and holiday decorations are all welded metal.  All dragons made by me. :)

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