Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bento Project: Valentine's Day Bento!

I decided to enter the CasaBento Valentine's Day Contest.  The contest is to make a beautiful Valentine's Day bento and submit a picture to be voted on for a prize.  Submissions by Feb 6th.  The best will be put up on Facebook and voted on until Feb 10th.  I decided to make a Be Mine Valentine that is both tasty and beautiful.
Be Mine!
For the main dish I have Dubu buckim yangnyumjang (Korean spicy tofu dish from  I've made it before so I knew it would be good.  I also cut the tofu into heart shapes, so cute! I wrote out be mine with some yummy cheese and put it all on top of some couscous I dyed pink.  For the sweet part of the bento I cut some apples to look like pink Rabbits and cut some marshmallows to look like hearts.  I also have two MeltyKiss chocolates in the pink cup.  Some heart sprinkles top it off. 

It both looks and tastes great!

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