Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Challenge Update: The Running Man!

I've finished another book for my challenges.  This one is for the Whats in a Name challenge and it is for the motion category.  For this one I will be reviewing The Running Man by Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King).  I enjoyed the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and wanted to read the book for a long time.  Its not that easy to find though.  But, I tracked it down.

The book is a lot different than the movie, though in a weird way the spirit of the film is similar.  Its about trying to stick it to THE MAN, who is of course trying to kill you  . . . either quickly or slowly depending on how annoying you are.  The movie is also set in a Running Man arena rather than on the streets of America like the book.

I'm going to focus on the book, which was a fun read.  It was also a very very fast read.  I read it in like 2.5 sittings of not unreasonable duration.  Part of that is that the plot really pulled me along.  I wanted to know what happened.  But, you want to know what kind of book it is.  If you like doomsday future stuff you'll probably like the book. I guess it is sci-fi, it surely isn't horror, but it kind just about the future . . . but future tech is negligible. . . and it is kind of just technically in the future . . . because the future is like pretty much now . . . but we live in 1982s future . . . so what I'm getting at is that this isn't a hard core sci-fi adventure so if that is what your looking for this is a no go.  But, it is about the future.  A sad dirty future for most people.  The world is well described.  I understand where the differences lay between now and when the book takes place.  Richards is an interesting character, if kind of obvious in his choices and actions.  All the characters act in a rather obvious way, but somehow remain interesting. Overall, I really enjoyed the book.

However, it had some detracting points.  1 - how come no women appear to be trying out for the game?  Or making it to the Running Man?  In fact, their are no depth to any of the female characters.  Is that the point?  In the future women are all stupid, crying, sex pots?  2 - the book ends with a bang . . . and then the story stops.  Why not a fall out chapter? I was curious.  Did anything at all happen/change?  Was there rioting in the street? What?

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